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 La Folia


Created in Portugal at the end of the XVth century,
the air of ‘la Folia’ (folly but also unbridled
amusement in Portuguese) rapidly reached Spain,
before spreading through the rest of Europe.
It then lost its aspect of popular dance with
boisterous rhythm, to take the one of a slow dance,
whose the theme, from then on established,
will serve as a base for the most inventive
and the most contrasting variations.
Poetical pages and virtuoso whirls are well strung
in an exhilaration which makes one crazed …
with happiness.

Martin y Coll (before 1690)

Marais (between 1685 and 1701)

d’Anglebert (1689)

Corelli (1700)

Vivaldi (1705)

A. Scarlatti (between 1715 and 1723)

Haendel (1720)

Much more in french version!