Ludwig van Beethoven / Piano Sonatas


If Beethoven is not the direct creator of
romanticism, he is the soul who instigated
its apparition, notably because of the epic
inspiration which reigns from his first
Piano Sonatas.
32 Sonatas, composed between 1799 and 1824.

Sonata No.1 Opus 2 No.1

Sonata No.8 Opus 13, “Pathétique”

Sonata No.11 Opus 22

Sonata No.14 Opus 27 No.2, “Mondschein”

Sonata No.17 Opus 31 No.2, “The Tempest”

Sonata No.23 Opus 57, “Appassionata”

Sonata No.29 Opus 106, “Hammerklavier”

harpsichord piano & organ